HB 398, the repeal of NC's pistol purchase permitting system, was passed in the Rules committee today. Now it heads to the floor. We need as many people calling their own representatives to stop this bill. We have an easy way to make phone calls. Please visit our action page to make a phone call TODAY!




Urgent! Gun extremists in the NC General Assembly are trying to fast track the repeal of NC’s life-saving Pistol Purchase Permit (PPP) system. Repeal would put us in danger. Please contact your NC Representative now to stop House Bill 398! 

Repealing NC’s Pistol Purchase Permitting system would abolish the requirement that all handgun purchasers pass a criminal background check, no matter where they are buying the handgun – even at a gun show or on the Internet. 

That’s a problem: Nationally, 22% of gun owners purchase guns without a background check. The same study found that in states without regulations on private firearm sales 57% of firearms purchases from a private seller did not include a background check.(1) If we repeal our PPP, many people in NC who now undergo background checks could buy handguns at gun shows or online without a background check.

Please contact your Representative right now and tell her/him to stop this bill!


Why do we need to keep NC’s Pistol Purchase Permit system the way it is? Because it saves lives. Below is some background on how purchase permit systems (sometimes called licensing systems) save lives:

  • Currently, everyone who buys a handgun in NC – even at a gun show or online – must undergo a background check as part of the Pistol Purchase Permit application.(2,3)
  • After Missouri repealed its Permit-to-Purchase (PTP) system in 2007, its annual firearm homicide rate spiked by 23% during the period 2008 – 2010, while none of the states bordering Missouri nor the US average saw similar increases during the same period.(4)   
  • Connecticut’s PTP law, passed in 1995, was associated with a 28% decline in Connecticut’s firearm homicide rate and a 33% decrease in their suicide rate from 1996 – 2017.(5)
  • States with the strongest firearm laws - including states with PTP laws – are associated with lower firearm-related death rates than states without these laws, even after controlling for economic, demographic, and other differences across states.(6)
  • A study of homicide in large urban counties found that PTP laws were associated with an 11% reduction in firearm homicide.(7)
  • Research shows that states with PTP laws have fewer firearms trafficked in-state and used in crimes.(8,9)

Contact your Representative now and tell them we need to KEEP NC’s Pistol Purchase Permitting system!

Thank you!
Becky & Sara 



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